Best Way To Succeed In A Food Truck

As a food truck builder we have been apart of over a 150 food trucks, to this day only 2 have been unsuccessful. This may be the luckiest streak in America or we do something no one else does, and that is care for our clients. We are going to share some insight into why we think our clients succeed more than most, and how we help you with making sure you understand what is required to be successful. Step one- Acquire Adequate Financing Most people see the price tag on a food truck of $80,000.00 and think OK i have that i'm going to buy one, or they get a loan and say no problem all I need is $80,000.00 STOP that is a horrible mindset. ALWAYS HAVE 6 MONTHS OF OPERATING COST AVAILABLE TO YOU

Not Your Everyday Generator!

NOT ALL GENERATOR'S ARE THE SAME. This is a common misconception among food truck builders, and owners. Go to any food truck event anywhere in the country, open your car door and whats the first thing you notice? NOISE and lots of it. In the last few years people have developed generators specifically for food trucks, however like the picture above which is a very quiet generator, it is not made to run a food truck. It is designed to run Rv's over nights, and power low draw electrical systems. This generator is the Honda EU7000 and comes at a very cheap $4,000.00. Although these generators are quiet, there is no way to encase these generators, so you are either wheeling the 250LB's off the t

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