Top 3 Reasons To Start A Food Truck

This is a short list of why you should take on the food truck scene, either as a new business startup, extension of your restaurant, or part of a huge corporation expansion. The three main reasons are low start up costs, mobility, and advertising. There are many more reasons however these seem to be the most popular among top quality food trucks. Start up costs for a restaurant are astronomical compared to a food truck. For the price of one McDonald's you could build 5 food trucks..... 5 of them. Average cost of a top notch food truck with a used chassis is about $90,000.00 where the cheapest McDonald's start up is running at $500,000.00. So you would be able to buy 5 trucks, and still have

Food Trucks A Work Of Art

When thinking about your food truck something should always come to mind, How can I stand out from the rest? Well this is a great question, and art is the way I answer it. I may know many things about this industry, trucks, builds, cuisine, but there is one thing I have never been able to do, and that is to cook. It is truly artwork what a chef does. I can't even draw a stick figure is how bad i am at art. So to stand out at events, at catering and at fairs make your truck a complete work of art. From exterior to interior to cuisine. Make sure no one has better artwork than you. From Vibrant colors in your wrap to neon lights on the outside, all that will do is make sure you are seen first.

3 Steps To Being A Successful Food Truck

In this industry being so young you can look to only a few franchise food trucks that are considered successful, However how can i be successful in my food truck? This has to be the thought on your mind that's why you clicked on this post. There is obviously more ways to run a food truck successfully, these are just what we have seen to work. Our three steps are Planning, Social Media, and Delivery. Planning is seemed to be forgotten after you pay for your custom food truck to be built, this is a huge no no. In this industry you have 4-12 weeks after you have paid your money before you can begin to work on the truck so begin planning now if you haven't already. Go to food truck events every

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