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From Roach Coach To Gourmet Food Truck

Everyday when I say I am going to eat at a food truck, I guarantee at least one person still asks me a roach coach? Almost everyday I am stuck explaining the difference between the two, so i decided to write this blog to explain in depth what the difference between a Roach Coach and a Gourmet Food Truck is.

The days of trucks that could be smelled from a hundred feet away are almost behind us, roach coaches never were taken care of and were constantly an eye sore on the public. However, construction workers, to bankers would find these trucks or carts for a quick lunch none the wiser of what was going on inside of one of these trucks. This is all changing little by little, town by town, state by state as regulations are enforced to improve the look of this billion dollar industry.

With all work being done to eradicate these Roach Coaches it has made room for bigger, better, and nicer custom built food trucks to take the scene. Since 2008 the food truck scene has exploded with new and improved ways every day to make a custom food truck better. From eye popping graphics, to sound systems, to 5 star quality cooking and refrigeration equipment inside. With the explosion of food trucks, regulations came in consistently and people began to gripe and moan, me being one of those people. I watched some of my favorite trucks being taken off the road due to higher quality trucks being needed.

I was against these regulations until I saw what they could do for our industry. I am now seeing trucks better than most restaurants I have ever been in. Shiny stainless walls, to impeccable design and artwork it is a great change for the industry. For to

long people have built trucks as cheap as they can to maximize profits, but now the age of the Custom Food Truck has taken hold. Roach coaches will not be able to last very long with regulation after regulation that keeps coming down to push them out, and this industry is better for it.

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