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Premier Food Trucks Is Expanding

January 16, 2020

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Top 3 Reasons To Start A Food Truck

August 29, 2016

   This is a short list of why you should take on the food truck scene, either as a new business startup, extension of your restaurant, or part of a huge corporation expansion. The three main reasons are low start up costs, mobility, and advertising. There are many more reasons however these seem to be the most popular among top quality food trucks. 


   Start up costs for a restaurant are astronomical compared to a food truck. For the price of one McDonald's you could build 5 food trucks..... 5 of them. Average cost of a top notch food truck with a used chassis is about $90,000.00 where the cheapest McDonald's start up is running at $500,000.00. So you would be able to buy 5 trucks, and still have $50,000.00 in operating cost for them. That is a huge difference. Plus you will b