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Should I go with a new or used chassis for my custom built food truck?


New Chassis are the way to go; no headaches and no worries about weather or not you can make it to events. Your transportation should always be reliable. Make sure to always try for the new chassis. 


How many miles will a used diesel food truck engine average?


This is a tough one, because all used trucks are taken care of differently, but we purchase our food truck chassis from top rated fleet companies that ensure their trucks have had all necessary maintenance has always been completed, so our trucks will average anywhere from 400,000 miles to 650,000 miles as long as proper maintenance is performed on your custom unit.


Should I get a concession trailer or a concession truck for my new business?


This is really about preference, it will be cheaper to get a concession trailer, as long as you have a good reliable truck to haul the weight, However if you do not have a reliable truck, than the cost will equal out in the end after buying a truck to pull it. We prefer to build concession trucks because we know the motor and transmissions are built to carry the weight of a food truck.


Should I get new or used equipment for my food truck?


This is arguably the easiest answer, new is the way to go. This equipment is engineered to be in a restaurant so putting it into a food truck that moves bounces and turns ads wear and tear that was not in the equipment’s original design. It is always smart to have warranties with new equipment for this reason, so I would not suggest putting used equipment into your custom food truck.


What price point should I pay for a great food truck that I will know will last?


This is a tricky question due to different price points by so many different companies in a custom built food truck market. I would say a truck at $50,000.00- $90,000.00 for a used food truck chassis and a new kitchen is a great price point, however there are trucks being sold in this price point that I would not trust. Research is key before purchasing your mobile food unit, from generator quality to cooking and refrigeration equipment quality.


Should I get a gas or diesel food truck?


My expert opinion is a diesel truck is better than a gas. Diesel trucks hold up and last longer than gas engines, but they are also engineered for towing and hauling heavy loads. With this extra cost will go into your food truck up front, however with an engine life span that is almost double than a gas truck in the long run it will save you thousands.

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