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IGA Custom Food Truck Mount Plymouth, Florida

IGA a staple in Mount Plymouth wanted to help provide more service to its customers, and so a brand new food truck was born, to stay parked at its own food truck park and serve the small town.

IGA Custom Food Truck Mount Plymouth, Florida

2008 Freightliner 22 Foot Step Van

2- Upright Heating Cabinet

60" Royal Griddle Flat Top

3- 50Lb Royal Fryer

TRUE TSSU-48-12 Sandwich Prep Commercial Refrigerator

TRUE T-19 Single Door Commercial Refrigerator

TRUE T-19F Single Door Commercial Freezer

TRUE GDM-19 Glass Door Refrigerated Merchandiser

TRUE- TRCB-54-60 Chef Base Cooler

20' Electrical Awntech Awning

12,000 Watt Diesel Generator

Stainless Counters

Aluminum Walls And Flooring

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