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Best Way To Succeed In A Food Truck

As a food truck builder we have been apart of over a 150 food trucks, to this day only 2 have been unsuccessful. This may be the luckiest streak in America or we do something no one else does, and that is care for our clients.

We are going to share some insight into why we think our clients succeed more than most, and how we help you with making sure you understand what is required to be successful.

Step one- Acquire Adequate Financing

Most people see the price tag on a food truck of $80,000.00 and think OK i have that i'm going to buy one, or they get a loan and say no problem all I need is $80,000.00 STOP that is a horrible mindset. ALWAYS HAVE 6 MONTHS OF OPERATING COST AVAILABLE TO YOU ON TOP OF THE FOOD TRUCK. Please do not make this mistake, you will not succeed, and it will hurt you, your family and this industry.

Step 2- Pick An Accredited Builder

If the truck builder is selling trucks $1,000-$35,000 STAY AWAY this is what we call a C class builder. Most of these trucks go out of business due to poor workmanship, poor generators, and failed health department inspections. You will be OK in the $35,000- $55,000 range we call them B builders, however their trucks are functional, not breath taking. Big complaint I hear from their customers are generators are too loud to go to events, wraps peeling, reused truck's original ceiling, reused trucks roll up door, however normally will pass inspections and make some money before having to fix everything that matters. If you would like to be a success story in this industry, Good Used Gas build-outs should range $56,000-$75,000.00 and good used diesel build-outs range from $76,000-$110,000, However be aware of Class A builders selling trucks way over market value, price them out against competitors, over paying is just as bad as underpaying.

Step 3- Exterior Design

So you have the money, you have your top notch builder, this next one is so important we cant believe some of the wraps we see. VIBRANT, LOUD, And DISTRACTING is not the best trust us we have done this a lot. However PLAIN, SIMPLE, AND BORING IS WORSE. Your truck wrap should be an extension of your personality, and your cuisine. It should draw attention and be informative, picture the school teacher that was the one you learned most from, same concept that teacher did things you will always remember and you learned. BE DIFFERENT, don't do solid colors, run away with the design let your imagination take over. MAKE SURE TO HAVE ALL PERTINENT INFORMATION ON WRAP BEFORE SAYING OK TO A PROOF. Phone numbers, website, name, social media, all of these things make or break food trucks. Also make sure things that you want your clients to see are NOT ON THE WINDOW THAT FLIPS UP DURING BUSINESS...

Step 4- Truck Pick Up and Inspection

THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP IN THE HISTORY OF STEPS!!!! Make your food truck builder walk you through every single aspect of your truck before making final payment. I'm going to list these because no one seems to hit every point.

1. Turn Truck On

2. Check Lights (headlights, Taillights, Etc.)

3. Check Fluid Levels

4. Inspect truck for sharp edges

5. Inspect every detail of inside and outside to make sure they are not hiding things that were done wrong.

6. Turn on generator, shut off generator, at least 3 times.

7. Turn every breaker on and let run 10 minutes fully loaded.

8. Check for hot water

9. Make sure all fridges are getting cold.

10. Turn on each piece of cooking equipment

11. Take truck on test drive.

If everyone of the steps above has been approved by you, then and only then do you make final payment. If your builder has a problem with this something is obviously wrong. DO NOT BE RUSHED, this is the most crucial part of this. Builders are the biggest reason behind trucks failing.

If you have questions call the guys who truly care Sizemore Ultimate Food Trucks.

Sizemore Ultimate Food Trucks

205 North Bay Street

Bunnell, FL 32110

Tel. 386-313-5942


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