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Food Truck Builder Comparisons

In the industry of manufacturing custom food trucks, everyone is claiming to be the best. They show off plenty of exterior picture to wow you, and very little inside with little to no explanation as to why their interior is not important.

We take pride in the interior of our trucks, a lot more than the exterior of them. Every food truck builder in the country can and does beautiful wraps, and they can turn the ugliest looking truck into the nicest. This is not a skill set of a great food truck manufacturer. The exterior of all trucks are beautiful, its the interior that we care about.

Take a look through this slideshow and see what one of the top food truck builders represents as a good product. Their wrap did look nice though.

I will explain to you the issues with each and every one of these in detail.

1. The first picture is a $4,000.00 Hobart Mixer that has to swing completely out of it's housing to remove the bowl and scrape the dough. As you can see from this picture it has no room to swing past the fridge on its left. Inadequate planning went into this.

2. Instead of hiding all electrical inside the wall of this truck, this company decided to drill holes into a stainless sink and run electrical through PLASTIC EMT to make their job easier, and more cost efficient.

3 And 4. In the third picture you can see what looks to be a maze on the ceiling, once again running EMT everywhere, when instead it could have been concealed in the ceiling panels and provided a better finish. But they also decided instead of building a stainless duct for the oven's they wanted to use the cheapest metal duct they could. Obviously everyone sees the bungee cord that is holding the oven doors up, which on this model oven is not required because they lock into place.

5. This picture was taken straight from their website, obviously they are proud they can install outlets above a sink, not level them, and also put the face plate on crooked.

6. The final picture in this sequence was taken during the day, the only reason I know this, is in the corner where the floor side wall and back wall meet, daylight is showing through, A commercial kitchen was built with a clear hole to the outside world. Health violation at its finest. Not to mention the crooked base panel, and the uneven trim.

We built a truck for the same company. Same equipment, and a layout that was perfected to expedite our customers need to move quickly.

Please go through these albums, let us know who did better.

Don't be distracted by the wrap, and don't be distracted by the led lights that flash. Focus on the kitchen, every detail of it. If you have questions or concerns call us. Let us help you pick the best food truck builder that suits you.

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