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When To Order Your Custom Food Truck

With fall upon us, we are hearing more and more about customers wanting their food trucks in March and April of the following year, to start their truck in Spring.

Here is some information pertaining to when you should order your truck.

1. Financing can take 1 week to a month to complete if you are going through private lender, If you are going through your bank it normally can take 45-90 days to acquire this funding.

2. Everyone outside of the south has the same thought process you do, so if you are truly wanting your custom food truck by April you may need to think about having the truck built in December and January. Most food truck builders book their schedules months in advance, however most are very slow in these months and can have your truck built in 5-8 weeks. Even if it is completed, you can at least try to work events through the next 2 months, but at least you know you will not miss spring due to long build-out wait times.

3. From November to January there are multiple holidays to contend with, most manufacturing shops close for Thanksgiving week, Christmas week and new years eve and day. This would mean an 8 week build out during this time is actually 10-11 weeks.

4. Always plan ahead, When your food truck is completed, the truck will need to be delivered, inspected and soft openings need to be done. Don't miss one day of spring season, always add an additional 2 weeks to your build out time for all necessary paperwork and all inspections.

Premier Food Trucks Custom-Built Food Truck for Cousins Maine Lobster

Call Premier Food Trucks if you have any questions, let your first call be your last call.


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