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Food Truck Court, THE NEXT BIG THING

Think about all those hard hours planning, parking, and making sure you have that perfect shade. Now think about a mall or an airport and how you have so many restaurants around you. Now think what if you could have your truck parked at one location, with other trucks to help grow this market more.

Sound like a good idea? Well this is the target for many entrepreneurs today. These smart business people with their food truck knowledge are erecting food truck courts. Picture a large circle where you have multiple trucks with multiple cuisines all in walking distance to a covered picnic area to eat.

This is the food truck market of the future. Don’t discourage this idea, because it will not ruin events, or even other courts, because every unit still leaves at the end of every night. If you know of food truck courts around the world, post them below, let us know so we can shed some light on their great venues, and offer insight.

We love seeing this industry grow, and continue every day to help grow it the best we can.

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