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Food Trucks A Work Of Art

When thinking about your food truck something should always come to mind, How can I stand out from the rest? Well this is a great question, and art is the way I answer it. I may know many things about this industry, trucks, builds, cuisine, but there is one thing I have never been able to do, and that is to cook. It is truly artwork what a chef does. I can't even draw a stick figure is how bad i am at art.

So to stand out at events, at catering and at fairs make your truck a complete work of art. From exterior to interior to cuisine. Make sure no one has better artwork than you. From Vibrant colors in your wrap to neon lights on the outside, all that will do is make sure you are seen first.

However not only do you want to catch their eyes, you also want to be able to bring them back after they get your food. Custom food trucks make their money due to their food. Dress up your presentation, when you hand them a dish make sure it pops at your eyes.. Make sure there is plenty of color, on a clean plate. What this does is create people taking pictures of your food, and sharing it with your name on it... Hello free marketing.

The next thing is your cuisine is once again a work of art. If you are looking at a recipe book for everything please get out now. You will do nothing for this industry or yourself. Truck presentation being great is huge, product display is just as big, however if you have these and your cuisine is not perfect you will not get return customers. Make sure each dish you use or create has been mastered at home, make sure people who wont lie to you taste it. Your food taste is the number one thing to be concerned with.

So if you are reading this a food truck owner already, take notes, even if everyone things you are great, don't settle shake it up, throw in some color, throw in a new dish. If you are reading this trying to break into this industry, memorize whats above. You will thank your lucky stars when your food truck rises to be number one where ever you are.

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