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Top 3 Reasons To Start A Food Truck

This is a short list of why you should take on the food truck scene, either as a new business startup, extension of your restaurant, or part of a huge corporation expansion. The three main reasons are low start up costs, mobility, and advertising. There are many more reasons however these seem to be the most popular among top quality food trucks.

Start up costs for a restaurant are astronomical compared to a food truck. For the price of one McDonald's you could build 5 food trucks..... 5 of them. Average cost of a top notch food truck with a used chassis is about $90,000.00 where the cheapest McDonald's start up is running at $500,000.00. So you would be able to buy 5 trucks, and still have $50,000.00 in operating cost for them. That is a huge difference. Plus you will be able to supply good food, not fast food.

"Well Food Truck Guru, McDonald's are known to make money where food trucks may not." You are completely wrong, McDonald's get purchased back all the time, and reopen under new ownership. In a food truck you can literally be everywhere people are, don't think you can move a whole McDonald's in a day. Your entire city is your clientele, not just until you get to the next McDonald's, which i'm sure we all know is every 5 miles. Mobility is a huge reason food trucks do so well, because they can always just find a new spot.

The final reason today would be advertising, you are literally driving around a billboard all day every day with your company on it. People pay thousands of dollars a month for mobile billboards and billboards and you advertise your brand every day. Mcdonald's spends 82 MILLION dollars a month in advertising nationwide. You get to advertise for free, either as a new business, or for your brick and mortar. The advertising is free and endless for you.

So 3 short reasons why a food truck is the way to go, facts are tough to ignore. With the right builder and the proper guidance you too can create your dream business, and m

ake it succeed.Go with a food truck save the $410,000.00 and build something magical with your own two hands. That is the American dream.

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