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Food Truck Extras

Food truck builders all over the country are offering extra's at the end of their quotes, the reason they tell you they are extra's is to make their quotes look a lot cheaper than their competitors. All food truck builders do this so I am here to shed some light on what are extra's and what are real necessities.

The first big misconception is that you do not need to level, and or adjust the suspension on these trucks after they are done. You are more than welcome to not get this done, however a food truck carries a lot of weight. "But these trucks were made to carry this weight." You are correct and incorrect in the same statement. Most food trucks have weight focused on one side causing the truck spring on the heavier side to bend to dangerous levels. THIS IS NOT AN EXTRA, IT SHOULD BE DONE EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU HAVE A FOOD TRUCK BUILT.

Vinyl wraps are another thing people list as an extra, however once again although not a safety issue, your truck needs a vinyl wrap or a paint job for an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Most of these trucks are pretty plain, so don't be duped into no wrap, or no paint job. It is a necessity for a successful food truck.

Another big extra from food truck builder's is rubber floor mats. You have to have these, the floors in these food trucks will get slippery. It is aesthetically pleasing with the contrast of shine to black, and it will help with the long hours on your feet.

Just make sure you ask your food truck builder these questions, make sure to get them added for you to have a successful food truck right away. If they are just too high in price ask your builder to see if they will comp some items. My goal is to make you successful in your food truck.

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