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Premier Food Trucks Vs Them

We here at Premier Food Trucks pride ourselves on being the best in the industry in building reliable long lasting food trucks. We have seen a lot of food truck builders come and go the last 5 years in business. We have built a little over 190 food trucks worldwide, and that number is growing faster than any of our competitors. We are going to spell out 3 major differences between our truck builds and our largest competitors to help you make a smarter buying decision.

One of the things we pride ourselves on would have to be our metal fabrication capabilities, unlike the other largest food truck builders we manufacturer all of our tables, shelves, and counters. Most of our competitors buy prefabbed equipment stands that anyone can buy from your local online restaurant supply store that have a stainless top, and a galvanized under shelf. We manufacturer everything out of 14 gauge stainless and build it to custom fit the open spaces perfectly.

We believe our business is about building and manufacturing food trucks, not taking pictures and videos professionally with a drone. Now we do have a photographer that we bring in, so you can have beautiful unmarked pictures of your investment, however our job is not to compete with the other guys reality TV style business. We build food trucks, we make them very nice, and fully functional, however it is a commercial kitchen, not a hang out spot and we utilize the kitchen work triangle in all of our trucks.

If you have ever been on a plane, military ship, or anything that has a lot of vibrations and needs to last you will see how everything is held together, from hull to anything inside, it is held together with rivets, and bolts. So why are the people manufacturing food trucks, that move and vibrate all the time putting these trucks together with screws, self tappers, and glue? Its because their ideas of a business is making the most amount of money, however we care about our trucks lasting longer, and built stronger than the rest.

If you are looking for a food truck manufacturer that likes tv and shows well on camera we are probably not the food truck manufacturer for you, however if you would like a food truck that will outlast, and out preform every food truck in your area, we are the guys to call. Something as simple as the way something is secured, can mean stress free work environment, or a fridge coming off the wall into your window. Choose wisely.

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