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What is Considered the Ultimate Food Truck?

What is Considered the Ultimate Food Truck?

Three things go into the ultimate food truck would be the engine, the generator and the build out.

The truck engine is one of the three most important parts of forming the ultimate food truck. The biggest thing to understand is there are 3 motors worth having in these trucks. A Cummins engine, an international engine, and a Chevrolet 350. If the truck you are looking at building or buying does not have one of these 3 steer clear. If the truck is lighter than most and only needs a small gas generator, you cant beat the Chevrolet 350 for price, service, and reliability. If you need some extra strength, and are planning on running a diesel generator you should be in the 7.3 diesel international motor, it will also help save some money by going with this. If you need a diesel that is reliable, long lasting, and considered the number 1 engine amongst diesel mechanics you want to go with the Cummins diesel engine. Will cost more money up front than the rest, but will save you in fuel, repairs, and time down than all the rest.

The food truck engine is a huge component to get you where you need to go but most food trucks fail due to inadequate generators. Generators are not cheap, and if they are they will cost you a lot more in the long run than these 2 brands. If you need diesel with some power your best bet is a Powertech Diesel generator. These generators have been engineered strictly for food trucks and are used by the military for all their power needs. Onan is a cheaper but reliable gas option as well, either of these choices are good ones, just make sure your power consumption meets your generator allowances.

The final piece of the puzzle for an Ultimate Food Truck is the build out. The smallest things are normally overlooked because of the shine of a new food truck. Close your eyes and reopen them, make sure your tables and shelves are stainless and s

ecured to studs not just the wall, most people use galvanized steel to save money. Make sure the equipment is all secured properly, BUNGIE CORDS AND TOW STRAPS SHOULD BE NOWHERE ON A FOOD TRUCK. Bolts and rivets are the only things that should be used to fasten these things down. If it is done differently it can cost you an arm and leg to fix the damages if a fridge falls.

Now that you are armed with this knowledge go our into the world, find you a great food truck, or just call the guys that invented The Ultimate Food Truck, and save yourself some time.

Premier Food Trucks.

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