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10 Ways To Be Successful

1. Be Great At One Thing

Find your niche, if you are the burger guy, be the burger guy. If you are about tacos be the taco guy, make sure you don't lose sight of what made your food truck great.

2. Never Complain

Complaining is the number one way to fail, odds are always against small businesses, complaining about the big companies and restaurants does nothing for you. Head high, and strive to be better than what you were yesterday.

3. Just Keep Going

No matter what obstacles you face, it takes nothing to quit, it takes everything to keep going and do better.

4. Create Value For Your Customers

Make sure your customers have something to return for, be it a punch card, or just exquisite food, always bring value to your customers.

5. Become The Person Others Want To Know

Just because others know famous people, or have the connections you wish you had, be the food truck that people want to know, that without you an event is not the best.

6. Listen To Yourself

You started this journey, you and you alone know why you do what you do and how you do it so well, its your own thoughts that will make you great.

7. Leave Emotions Out Of It

The minute you let your emotions get the better of you is when you begin to fail. Money and success have no emotions, so learn to keep them at home.

8. Be Able To Adapt

This is the reason food trucks do so well, food trucks are simply an adaptation of restaurants, with lower overhead, and the ability to move to gain more customers. Always adapt to new things, it is about staying new and fresh.

9. Find What Makes You Tick

Knowing yourself and your food truck are very essential to success. You need to know what makes you happy, and what makes you successful and continue to do those things your entire life.

10. You Are In Control Of Everything

Never forget this, in our industry promoters think they are in control, however no one controls you. Make sure you remember that.

"If you work hard your entire life, you will never be poor in spirit."

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