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Premier Food Trucks Signs Another Huge Company

With food trucks on a steady rise since 2008 it is not just mom and pop buying these restaurants on wheels, but Corporate America is taking notice.

This year Premier Food Trucks has already completed multiple units for Kellogg's Eggo Waffles, the contract was provided by a great advertising agency known as Retail Sports Marketing out of Charlotte. Now they have also signed Auntie Anne's Pretzel company to a brand new Premier Food Truck.

"Places like Auntie Anne's located in malls across the country are looking for a way to capitalize on the food truck movement due to suffering malls across the country." Said Jordan Schild of Premier Food Trucks, "We just want to make sure big business or small business is taken care of with a unit that is beyond their expectations."

With all these big companies building with Premier Food Truck's do they have room for startup mom and pop truck builds? Thomas Albano from Premier Food Trucks had some thoughts on this

"We allocate one truck build out per month to our small businesses, and considering we only build 24 trucks a year we want to make sure they know they are just as important to us as Corporate America."

So even with Corporate interest rising, these guys don't forget about the little guy, and we have to say that's very impressive they care so much about small business.

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