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Rapid City School Board Goes Premier

February much like January has been non stop for Premier Food Trucks. Winning the bid for Rapid City School Board has officially pushed this great food truck manufacturer into the governments spotlight.

The Rapid City school district, in partnership with the Midwest Dairy Council, will purchase a food truck to hit Rapid City streets starting next summer. Intended to help distribute meals to students in “food desert” areas across the city during the summer months, Janelle Peterson, the district’s student nutrition manager, said she hopes the truck can also be used for educational purposes in future years.

Way To go Rapid City Schools, Premier Food Trucks is here to help you conquer the food desserts and supply you with a one of a kind Premier Food Truck.

This makes the third school board truck the crew here have built, and they look to continue expanding that number in the years to come.

PFT is here and the whole food truck world knows it.

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