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Premier Goes New Only

The day of used truck chassis coming through Premier Food Trucks doors is over.

With the rising cost of used chassis, and rising headaches and loss of profits, The Premier Food Truck team has decided no more used trucks will be built.

"A brand new truck costs currently around $30,000.00 more than the used chassis. However all it takes is one week down with a used truck and you have spent that in repairs and lost profits." Said Jordan sales manager of Premier Food Trucks. "We want to make sure our clients have the best opportunity to make their business successful, and pushing new trucks only is a great way to do so."

With 6 years building some of the best food trucks in the world, Jordan is considered one of the most knowledgeable and experienced food truck salesman in the world. Over 260 trucks have been built by Jordan and his partners and have only had to hear of 3 trucks not making it in this industry, and those 3 trucks were all built on used chassis, which were not the only determining factors for closing, but it did add cost that was unaccounted for which helped push these 3 trucks out of business.

"From cleanliness, to longer lasting businesses we have decided its time to say good bye to used trucks, and moving forward our clients will be a lot happier with more reliability and a longer lasting unit." Said Brandon Williams Head of Construction for Premier Food Trucks.

We have done our research and with gas engines lasting 250,000 miles- 350,000 miles getting a used unit is just not a smart bet for an ever lasting truck. Where these new trucks come with warranties

and you get to put all the 350,000 miles on your unit making money.

If interested in owning a food truck, or have questions call the best.


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