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Premier Food Trucks Keeps The Ball Rolling

Premier Food Trucks is home to some of the best quality built food trucks in this country, With their build outs dwarfing the competition and their customer service rivaled by none these guys sure know how to keep it going.

With summer winding down, and fall fast on its heels, the Premier Food Truck Family is glad to welcome their second Cousins Maine Lobster truck of the year, and this time Houston is the destination.

Owner's of this franchise Jimmy And Ahmer are hitting the ground hard, already with a truck in Dallas and Las Vegas their new market they are trying to corner is Houston.

Stay tuned over the next two months for this trucks progress and its release party some time in November.

If you care to get into the food truck industry, make sure your first call is your last call.

Call Premier Food Trucks Today. 386-597-7580

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