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Food Truck Winter Preparation

Some Quick Winterization Tips For Your Food Truck.

The Truck

1. Make sure antifreeze is 50/50 blend, this will prevent the coolant from freezing in the lines of the truck.

2. Make sure wipers are brand new and ready for the snow fall.

3. Ensure tires have adequate tread on them, no less than 3/32nds worth of tread. If snow is a huge issue make sure to have chains put on your tires as soon as snow is on the ground.

4. Also, be sure to check your tire pressure. Believe it or not, they lose a little pressure when it gets cold, so pump ’em up.

5. Check battery before the first cold hits, and be ready to replace it, Batteries fail in cold weather so always be ready.

6. Make sure you have deicer ready in case those door locks are iced over.

The Food Truck Kitchen

1. Ensure all water tanks are emptied.

2. If you have tank heaters make sure they are plugged up and turned on.

3. Make sure all items in the kitchen that can freeze are either drained, or removed from truck.

4. If you have a/c units equipped with heat, leave the heat on overnight to ensure nothing freezes.

5. You will need to ensure the pipes, water heater, & storage tanks in your truck are completely empty or the water will freeze and expand, cracking and destroying them. If you have steam tables installed, and they require water make sure to drain them as well.

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