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How To Winterize Your Food Truck Plumbing

Most people after a long summer, can't wait for cooler weather.

Food Truck owners are the complete opposite due to freezing pipes and costly repairs when not taken care of properly.

If the weather is looking to be dipping below 35 degrees, and your food truck is not in a controlled temperature environment, its time to take care of a few things.

1. Empty out the fresh water tank, make sure the vehicle is sloped to the fresh water tank drain to clear out all water with a gravity drain process.

2. Empty out the grey or waste water tank once again ensuring the truck is sloped to the waste drain to ensure all water is out of the waste tank.

3. If water heater are equipped with a drain then drain water heaters out to the best of your ability.

4. Utilize a heater inside the truck overnight and throughout the day to try and maintain an above-freezing temperature.

5. If equipped with tank heaters make sure they are plugged in and on at night.

For more in-depth ways to help winterize your food truck, Email us at

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