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Premier Food Truck's 2020 Schedule

2019 is winding down here at Premier Food Trucks. Our final completed truck of 2019 will be Auntie Anne's Tampa, rocking gout a brand new 20 foot Premier Food Truck to our home state of Florida.

2020 is already filling up with some wonderful truck builds heading our way.

First up will be Cousins Maine Lobster Oklahoma City joining the already impressive Cousins Maine Lobster trucks built by Premier Food Trucks for the beginning of 2020.

Donnell and his family taking on their second territory and second food truck for Oklahoma City will be looking to hit the ground running in spring 2020 with their new Premier Food Truck,

It has been a very busy few weeks here in the office continuing to fill up the schedule we also have Cousins Maine Lobster Boston, Raleigh and Knoxville all starting their new food trucks in the first quarter of next year.

There are still a few build out slots available, and space can be made in the schedule if you get with us soon.


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