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Food Trucks And Covid-19

The food truck world was shocked when the events were canceled. Most didn't know what to do with their business and simply closed their doors temporarily to formulate a new plan.

After the initial shock has worn off however, now food trucks have found their footing in this new world order that have been thrust upon them. One thing food trucks have done well over the years since they became extremely popular over a decade ago is altering and surviving.

A lot of food trucks have developed a few different ways to combat Covid and keep their head above water.

One way has been partnering with apps such as Grub Hub, Door Dash etc. They do charge a rather high rate, however it has helped food trucks make some money while these crazy times sort themselves out.

Another way is to partner with other trucks, and bring an outside dining atmosphere in parking lots for pick up orders, and waiting customers. You can still maintain your 6 foot distance required from other people. This can be a way to make money and help people that are so bored with cooking their own meals.

The last thing on this list is probably the one that stares us in the face the most. Where do most people live? In neighborhoods, and WE ARE ALL BORED. Find neighborhoods, find their social media pages and let them all know when and where you will be. Make sure to maintain 6 feet between when ordering and waiting for food and bam you now have solved your issues in the food truck business.

Food Trucks became popular in 2008 when the market fell, they have survived through daunting regulations, ridiculous health code requirements and the constant harassment of brick n mortar restaurant owners. We will survive this. Be strong and if you have questions or concerns please reach out to Premier Food Trucks and we will help where we can. --- 386-597-7580 ---

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