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Food Truck Beacon of Light in Dark Times

The cost of food, gas and supply products are at an all time high. However, there are food truck owners still growing and thriving amongst the calamity that encompasses our economy in its current state. While some food truck owners are pumping their brakes, others are re-thinking the wheel and driving onward and reaching upward towards a path of success.

At Premier Food Trucks, we’re shining a spotlight on Chef Dallas Green, owner of Made from Scratch, a comfort food truck based in Charlotte, NC and New York, NY. Chef Dallas Green has an unbreakable spirit and maintains an optimistic outlook on the current trend of sky-rocketing gas prices and food costs. Chef Dallas Green’s cuisine reflects his love of music in his food. Some of his signature dishes consist of his infamous Lobster Mac & Cheese as well as the southern staple, Chicken & Waffles.

Although Chef Dallas Green has stated that his truck went from costing $92 to fill up and now costs $192. He followed up with shrugging his shoulders and saying, “What am I going to do, not drive?” Green said. "It's something we have to deal with and figure out a way to incorporate these costs into prices. You must be strong-willed to move the prices around and not feel guilty about it. It's a tough thing to do, but if you want to stay in business, it's what you have to do."

In summary, customers are going to purchase what they want. To stay afloat it is necessary to increase prices. Everything is costing more, and food truck owners need the support now more than ever. Food trucks are a staple of the community and a beating heart of the food industry. Despite the challenges arising from inflation, the food truck industry continues to grow despite bumps in the road such as increasing prices. Nothing is going to keep a strong-willed chef such as Chef Dallas Green from serving the community and we at Premier Food Trucks find that to be a beacon of hope.

Chef Dallas Green Contact Information

Chef Dallas Green

Made From Scratch

(917) 587-3688


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