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Powerhouse Food Truck Builder

July 2017 Premier Food Trucks was born, bringing together three people who believed in a quality product, doing right by their clients, and always making sure their newest build was better than the one that proceeded.

After 4 years this crew has grown from 3 guys, and 3,000 sq feet to a fully functioning 10,000 sq foot manufacturing facility with 10 people churning out the best food trucks, at the fastest pace in the country.

Now with a food truck build in 17 states, and over 50 units built the team at Premier Food Trucks looks to 2022 with 25 food truck builds in mind. Averaging just over 2 food truck builds a month they look to double their 12-food truck builds a year.

This team has done it the right way taking the 6 months needed on every employee they hire to train, explain, and help them understand perfection is everything. They are looking to make sure that each employee feels a sense of responsibility and passion in each piece of equipment they install and each hole they drill. The Premier team truly understands what it takes to pursue perfection.

Premier Food Trucks is currently looking to fill their 2022 schedule and are booking food truck builds out 3-4 months in advance due to supply chain issues due to Covid-19.

If you are looking to get into the food truck business, check them out give them a call, and let them get the ball rolling for you and your future.

Premier Food Trucks


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