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Premier Food Truck's F.A.Q

1. Where is your food truck manufacturing facility?

We are located at 401 Ninth St, Bunnell, Florida 32137, about an hour north of Daytona and an hour and a half south of Jacksonville. We are frequently a few miles of Interstate 95, but we can transport anywhere in the world.

2. What does NSF stand for?

N.S.F. is an acronym for National Sanitation Foundation, which is an institution that determines if a product is safe for commercial use.

3. What is the ideal food truck size?

The standard size of a food truck is typically an 18 foot cargo, typically means 26 feet from bumper to bumper. However there are more popular truck sizes such as the 16 footer or 22 footer.

4. Are there size restrictions on trucks?

Typically there is no size restrictions, but certain cities such as Washington D.C. and Chicago do have size restrictions.

5. Do you finance, rent, or lease?

We currently do not lease food trucks, and it is very difficult outside of Miami and L.A. to find companies to lease food trucks. These cities have a saturation of food trucks, due to the fact that they have allowed them longest inside their city limits with little to no restrictions. We do however finance trucks, and offer some of the best rates, and it is the best way to get into this industry.

6. What do you think of gas vs diesel?

For our trucks and generators we are diesel powered. We believe gas is great for short term and saving on cost, however diesel's are the strongest and most efficient in this industry. They last longer and work better under strenuous situations, where gas do not.

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