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Food Truck Maintenance F.A.Q.

Every day we receive questions in regards to food truck maintenance. We are going to address those here.

1. When should I change my trucks oil?

A. Every 3 moths or 3,000 miles, no matter what oil you use this will help make you engine last a longer.

2. What should my tire pressure in my tires be set at?

A. 70-85 PSI, most people will run 70 PSI in the front and 85 PSI in the rear to help with the additional weight in the rear.

3. When do I need new tires?

A.Tires should be replaced every 5 years, or when their tread depth reaches 3/32nds of depth. You can pick up tread depth gauges at your local auto parts store

4. When do I rotate my tires?

A.Every 6,000 miles you should rotate your tires, cross rotation is best for even tire wear.

5. When do I balance my tires?

A.You should balance your tires every other rotation, so 12,000 miles. Unless you begin to feel a vibration in the steering wheel after a rotation, then I would recommend you do a balance to resolve this issue.

6. How often do I need an alignment?

A. With city driving i would recommend an alignment every 6,000 miles or 6 months. If you do not drive in the city often, 12,000 miles or every 12 months.

7. When do I need to replace my air filter?

A. When its dirty? HAHAHA sorry had to have some fun with you, every 30,000 miles I recommend an air filter replacement, however when it is dirty it needs to be replaced so don't just rely on the mileage recommendation.

8.. When do I need to change my serpentine belt?

A. Serpentine belts are supposed to be changed every 60,000 miles, however if the belt is cracked, dry rotted or squeaking that may come sooner than 60,000 miles.

9. What other fluids should be changed on the truck?

A. Power Steering Fluid- Every 30,000 Miles

Brake Fluid- Every 30,000 Miles

Coolant- Every 30,000 Miles

Transmission Fluid- Every 60,000 Miles

10. How long does an engine last?

A. Gas Engines when taken care of typically last 300,000 - 450,000 miles.

Diesel Engines when taken care of typically last 500,000- 650,000 Miles

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