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3 Steps To Being A Successful Food Truck

In this industry being so young you can look to only a few franchise food trucks that are considered successful, However how can i be successful in my food truck? This has to be the thought on your mind that's why you clicked on this post. There is obviously more ways to run a food truck successfully, these are just what we have seen to work. Our three steps are Planning, Social Media, and Delivery.

Planning is seemed to be forgotten after you pay for your custom food truck to be built, this is a huge no no. In this industry you have 4-12 weeks after you have paid your money before you can begin to work on the truck so begin planning now if you haven't already. Go to food truck events every single day, lunch and dinner events, and breakfast events too if you can find them. At this point you should have your name and cuisine picked out so scout the trucks who are doing this similar style. Talk with them, talk with the promoters, and make friends. Our industry is not cut throat, we are a huge family helping each other out as restaurants try to demean us.

Social Media is what makes food trucks survive...... Social media is what makes food trucks survive, yes this is so important i have to say it twice. You already know you are getting a food truck, so do catering events, set your social media accounts up, and start collecting followers. Watch the movie chef its kind of like that, they are able to tell people where they are going to be, and people are waiting for them. You will fail inside of 6 months if you have no social media presence. (Owning a food truck is nothing like the movie chef, however it is a good movie and does show the importance of social media.)

The final step is delivery, not of your food truck but of your food to your client. You are the chef, this is your dream, don't just hire people to work your truck, you normally will not succeed. It is your creativity people want to see, it is your hands on the final dish. People want an experience they can't receive in a restaurant, so if you can walk out of your truck and hand them their food do that. Show them how much you care with each dish you prepare, always make it Instagram worthy. This is your art, always take pride in it.

Now you know our way to be successful, we have seen so many trucks fail, and so many trucks succeed that we are the guru's on this matter. Just remember this industry was built on great cuisine, with people that were tired of the establishment, don't be the establishment, don't conform, make every thing you do in your truck as personable as possible, and you will succeed.

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