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Premier Food Trucks Is Expanding

Logo of the famous food truck builder Premier Food Trucks

It has been two and a half years since Premier Food Trucks Opened their doors in a small 3,000 square foot shop in Palm Coast Florida. It all started with three people sharing a dream of building the best food trucks available. It started with three people told time and time again they could not do it alone, Three men who had to work together to be the others strength where they were weak. Three men making up the tripod that is Premier Food Trucks, because without one the plan and program just doesn't work.

It has been a long two and a half years, these guys just kept trucking. They have learned how to make it work, and not only work but thrive. This team of people who understood what it took and the sacrifices needed have made it happen and achieved what they always wanted. They have become the best, and strive to not lose that position. With every day that passes this team consistently gets better and learns new and innovative ways to stay the best.

In 2020 Premier Food Trucks will welcome their next challenge. The team will be moving into their new home, a custom built 10,000 Sq foot facility to expand its very thriving business and increase its production of the #1 food trucks being built today. With its new facility Premier Food Trucks will be expanding its crew, and looking to double its production. They have all the tools, and have mainstreamed a concept to allow for this growth, and also have built the ultimate training program to make sure every addition to their team will be able to create the same great product.

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