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Food Truck Build Out Breakdown

We all have inquired as to how long it takes for the food truck you just paid for to be completed. This is a huge part because you want to know exactly when you can start getting a return on your investment.

So let us break it down for you, we build food trucks in 6-8 weeks.

There are certain things that influence that number, however as soon as you pay your deposit you will know exactly when the truck can be picked up.

Week 1

This week we are ordering things such as equipment, metal, and the truck itself. The build out team spends extensive time planning the build out and proper execution. Normally the truck arrives towards the end of week 1 so nothing build out wise is normally accomplished on this week.

Week 2

The truck has normally arrived. We plan the truck according to the blueprint, mark everything out to make sure it all flows and works properly. At this stage we may change things to fit a better work flow and make sure the customer is OK with the proposed changes. Then we begin to cut holes for Windows, Generator, Propane and battery. In this week we also normally accomplish stud work, reinforce behind walls and under flooring for equipment and shelves, front and rear walls are built. and then the truck is wired for all electrical requirements.

Week 3

During week 3 we skin walls, ceilings, and floors, Install the a/c and water tanks. After the water tanks, walls and flooring are done we will install the hood and sink system and have this all completed before the end of the week.

Week 4

This is crunch time for us, all equipment, refrigeration will be installed and tested along with the generator.

This gives adequate time to make sure your new food truck is in proper working order.

Week 5

The food truck build is now complete, however the vinyl wrap and final exterior fixtures need to be installed after the wrap, the wrap takes 2-3 days to have installed which leaves us a couple days for more testing, cleaning and final check list.

Week 6

This is the week you get to see your new business adventure. In the beginning of the

week we continue to test, clean and arrange a professional photo shoot. At this point you are able to pick your truck up, where we dedicate as much time as possible to helping you understand and operate everything on your new Premier Food Truck.

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