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Upcoming Food Truck Build Schedule

With January moving through like a line at a well organised food truck, so does the completion of our latest two builds.

Proudly serving the 904 and all of north east Florida with a brand new 20 foot Auntie Anne's Pretzel truck.

Our other food truck Cousins Maine Lobster Memphis will be rolling its fresh lobster rolls out of a brand new Premier Food Truck the first week of February and we could not be more excited for them.

I know you guys already knew these trucks were being built since you have been following us on Facebook.

What you may not know is that our next three build outs are also for the COUSINS MAINE LOBSTER FAMILY.

Our February, March and April builds are something we are very excited to see because there are two first time deals for Premier Food Trucks.

First off Premier Food Trucks has finally agreed to send one of the best manufactured food trucks to the West Coast. Orange County California get ready for Cousins Maine Lobster.

Immediately following our Orange County Cousins Maine Lobster, we welcome another first, our first trailer build for Cousins Maine Lobster. This unit will be a lot closer to home, Naples and south west Florida get ready... These Maine lobsters put our spiny's to shame.

Keep following us here to see it all unfold in front of your eyes.

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