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Back From Vacation And Refreshed

Premier Food Trucks had a wonderful vacation, and are so excited to be back and fabricating.

We were able to get the time we needed to refresh ourselves, and start attacking our very busy schedule for the end of the year.

We do still have a few build out slots available for 2019 but they fill very quickly, so if you are in the market for a Premier Food Truck, the time is now to be fit into our schedule.

In other news we were able to get out to Naples and see the release of the Cousins Maine Lobster Trailer at Celebration Park Naples, and had a wonderful time with Jim and Leslie Matz while we were there. Check out their Facebook link below for more info on their food trailer.

On our final day before vacation we released Cousins Maine Lobster Freehold New Jersey, Savas came down and drove the truck through the night to be at his food truck event the very next day in New Jersey. Talk about a major commitment to his business. We were so excited and honored to build for Savas and Victoria, and are so happy for their continued success in the food truck industry. Check out their Facebook page for all the information you could need in regards to where their trucks are.

And finally while building our current trucks for Auntie Anne's Kansas City and Cousins Maine Lobster Corporate, we added another build out for our guys in Charlotte Retail Sports Marketing. Its something new and fun and can't wait to show you all the finished product.

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